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Thanks for visiting my little corner on the Internet. This web site is the result of my on-going efforts to put together many valuable resources, especially software tools and documentations that I either collected or developed over many years for my DVD authoring and web graphic projects.
I have worked in the capacity of a professional DVD contents developer and software architect so I am confident that these DVD-related and graphic intensive resources will be beneficial to your experience and projects.
If you are looking for guides, software, professional tools, video tutorials and resources to do DVD authoring and backup, you came to the right place. You will find among these web pages unique DVD information for your authoring and back up projects, on-line tools and tips for producing presentation DVD graphics and rich website contents, generally not available anywhere else.

Overview and technical information from a professional contents developer with battlefield hardened experience can potentially save you days or weeks of research. I am here to help you get the most out of your DVD authoring, avoid unnecessary costly purchase, or to speed up your graphic development projects.

In the process of preparing the presentation materials for this website, I also collected and organized many essential resources to support the development of a database-driven, contents rich, graphic intensive, and interactive website on dedicated Linux server platform. These tools and tips are grouped into smaller independent sections to make the site navigation a little easier

Again, I thank you for visiting my site. Your continuing support helps me improve the quality and contents of this web site.

Best Regards,
All of us at DVD-Replica Media, 2000-2010

I taught myself the DVD technology by researching various public Internet resources. So you too can be an expert on this advanced technology.
Instead of doing it the hard way, you now can have the Unofficial DVD Specifications 2.2 ebook & VM Command Generator 2.75 for less than the price of a dinner outing. Here are some of the package highlights:
Complete understanding of the DVD terminology and its internal data structures. Presented in an easy-to-read format. Knowledge on how DVD domains are organized, from the Video Manager to Video Title Set, and more...
Cell data structures and PGC architecture. Information on DSI and PSI data packets.
Detailed knowledge of the entire DVD virtual command set. Includes the DVD VM Command Generator so you can generate 100%-compliant DVD commands conveniently from your desktop PC. The same easy-to-use but powerful DVD command editor engine as developed for this web site.
Includes a handy DVD Color Converter so you can work with DVD colors and convert to the familiar computer RGB color space.
Over 150 pages of DVD technology. Professional data samples and tools.

Save yourself months of research. Acquire the required technical background to develop better DVD applications. Use DVD software more efficiently. Become a more lethal DVD author in the shortest time possible.
No waiting, instant download after purchase with PayPal payment. 30-day unconditional money back guarantee from a verified US merchant.

I am the contents developer and webmaster of this site. I do professional DVD authoring and website contents development. My strong skills are in advanced DVD contents development, web graphic design, open-source database, and Linux Fedora Core servers.
Our family lives and works in Houston, Texas, USA. The city has its share of problems of a big city but is still livable. The small picture is Hermann Park, a man-made lake in the heart of a busy city.
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