Why do I want to develop this project?
     This web site is the preliminary repository for the development and progress report of my project btScript.

     The following list shows some of the main factors that has contributed to the widespread use of peer-to-peer file sharing to acquire all types of digital contents, both public and copyrighted.
☼ Increasing Internet bandwidth at gigabit transfer speed,
☼ availability of high-quality encoding and compression of digital media,
☼ increasing capabilities of residential personal computers at much lower cost,
☼ efficient low-powered small footprint single computer on a chịp

     Almost all new contents in many languages and locales are available to acquire from two large BitTorrent networks: the mainline DHT and the Vuze DHT network. The mainline DHT can have more than several hundred millions of users worldwide at a time. The Vuze DHT network is a lot smaller but can also have millions of users at a time. Contents are mostly motion pictures, TV shows, music tracks, software, books and publication stored in files in compressed digital format.

     The typical ways to find new contents are one of the following methods:
☼ Visit a torrent index site and search for a particular term or keyword to get a list of hopefully new or available contents,
☼ Subscribe to a particular RSS feed from known sites,
☼ Use related content or related match features if available from BitTorrent clients such as Vuze, BiglyBT.

     This approach more often than not yields unsatisfactory results or returns a long list of unrelated contents that do not match at all your interests and needs. The search result shows contents that are unwanted or do not actually exist anymore. Even worse the search often misses out new contents that are available and perfectly match what you are looking for. Another security issue exists that by visiting a torrent index site, the identity of the user may be compromised or revealed without the user knowledge or permission.
It is convenient, gratifying, and time-saving to have a customized BitTorrent client that has the ability to automatically locate new contents that match your interest and needs, and the desired level of anonymity.

     The following list of desired features which are not yet available in most BitTorrent clients include:
☼ Monitor a group of users having similar contents to yours (save yourself the need to search, these users did the hard work for you already),
☼ Check for the number of peers successfully download a particular content over a specified period of time to see how many copies are distributed worldwide,
☼ Check if the content has active status (what good is it if the contents are not available because there are no seeders or peers),
☼ Build up a private torrent index site in just a matter of days with a minimum set of hardware (to have user-defined comprehensive search criteria),
☼ Automatic maintenance of the history of downloading based upon your preference (to avoid duplication or to redownload the contents if needed),
☼ Search for peers having the desired contents by a specific keywords (get more active peers),
☼ Other automated features: backup, rename, moving, email when completed, after a successful download of the target files, etc (no clients can possibly provide these features),
☼ Automatic format and size conversion and extension (adding subtitles) using external tools (ffmpeg),
☼ Ability to interface with other environment (php, web, etc)
☼ Ability to interface with other network protocols (eDonkey, Kad, etc) or add new features via plugin or extension without changing the main engine,
☼ User-programmable repetitive work as functions in an interactive environment (Python for example),
☼ Robust and time tested (reliability is the utmost concern and priority),
☼ Not having to reinvent the wheel at all cost,
☼ Ability to verify the new system based upon existing client features (Swarm Discoveries),

To date there is no BitTorrent clients that offer those above features.