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6. Scalability to build professional image and growth. Since you own the server, you can tailor not only the operating system functions but also the server hardware configuration to support specific software packages to match your company business image and requirements. The growth path is already built into your dedicated server. You can add larger and faster hard disks to support more contents, additional sites, larger databases split to additional servers, and at the same time make all of your web sites more responsive.

Since not all visitors are English-speaking, one of many methods to attract non-English speaking visitors is to localize your web pages with the native language of the visitor. Since the server knows the IP address of each remote client, software package such as GeoIP can be installed on the server to know the country origin of the visitor. If a localized version of your web page is available, the alternate version (whether French, Italian, German, or Dutch, etc.) is delivered instead.

7. Obsoletion-proof. Dedicated servers help customers to avoid expensive hardware purchases. Instead of purchasing high-cost servers, you can rent or lease the server on a low monthly fee basis. The monthly fee pays for the network connectivity, bandwidth, technical support, static IP addresses, and server hardware.

Dedicated servers are owned by the hosting provider and leased to the customer for usage. This means that not only you have a choice of many server hardware configurations, but, should any hardware component fails, it is the responsibility of the hosting provider to replace it. You do not have to worry about hardware obsoletion.

Scalability is already built-in. Whether you need more traffic bandwidth, additional faster and bigger disks, or to install the latest software updates, it is most likely that you will get the job done with a dedicated server in just a couple of hours.

8. Automated repetitive tasks such as daily backup of critical data. The loss of critical data can prove devastating. Still, millions of professionals ignore backing up their data. While individual reasons vary, one of the most common explanations is that performing routine backups can be a real chore. Because machines excel at mundane and repetitive tasks, the key to reducing the inherent drudgery and the natural human tendency for procrastination, is to automate the backup process.

Linux dedicated server offers access to extremely powerful tools for creating custom backup solutions. You can have a choice to perform from simple to more advanced and secure network backups using open source tools that are part of Fedora 9 or nearly every Linux distribution. The entire automated backup process can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis without human intervention.

9. Self-managed. You can have your choice of either a self-managed or a managed server. Unless you lease an expensive 'managed server' package, typical dedicated web hosting consists of leasing an Intel or AMD computer connected to a high-speed Internet backbone. Hosting providers for self-managed server typically provide the initial operating system (OS) setup and essential components such as web server, database and email server.

You are 100% responsible for the maintenance and system administration for all your dedicated hosting needs. Your self-managed server is set up in such a way so that it can be managed remotely. After your dedicated server is configured, you can add dozens - or even hundreds - of additional domains or subdomains on the same server. You are only limited by by the total amount of bandwidth utilized.

10. Simulate a Linux dedicated server using your local private network. If you have some spare old hardware sitting around gathering dust, you can build a test server before your actual deployment to see if a Linux dedicated server is the right business solution for you. You will know exactly what to expect and how to manage your server without having to leave your familiar Windows desktop environment. You can learn at your own pace Linux commands and acquire the necessary expertise to administer commercial grade server by following the topics covered in subsequent sections. And enjoy no unexpected surprises whatsoever.

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