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Automate daily server administration tasks.
One of the great powers of Linux is the ability to automate tasks with relative ease. Linux has a reputation for being both stable and secure server. With careful planning to automate all aspects of your dedicated server administration, it is quite possible to operate a Linux server hands-free for weeks or even months. The following list of possible daily tasks to maintain a dedicated server can be completely automated.

  • Start required services immediately after a server reboot.

  • Clean up and archive email logs (/var/log/maillog).

  • Clean up and backup databases.

  • Remote backup of data and critical directories (/etc, /mysql, /www).

  • Verify dead links on all pages.

  • Web application support (scripts, database and programs).

  • Test the boot sequence.
    A server reboot should always be considered as a last resort effort and should be avoided as much as possible. Even as secure and stable as a typical Linux server is, in many cases, a server reboot is required to apply new configurations after a major maintenance or hardware upgrade. Before the deployment of critical server software components, you will need to perform at least several server reboot tests remotely to sort out all possible issues with your hosting provider in case the server does not get back on line as expected. A server reboot test at this stage also gives you a precise idea regarding how long it takes to restore a dedicated sever back to normal operation. You need to verify and make sure that all critical system services run automatically that often include the following server components:

  • web server httpd,

  • mysql database server mysqld,

  • ftp server vsftpd,

  • email server sendmail,

  • mounting of file systems from additional disk drives,

  • choice of kernel version available in the /boot directory,

  • run-level, etc.

  • If you are a first-time Linux user, you can learn the basic skills of Linux here in less than thirty minutes.
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