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banner Make posters from words.
bc Arbitrary precision calculator.
cal Display calendar.
clear Clear the screen.
dmesg Examine or control the kernel ring buffer.
history Lists recently executed commands.
man Get information on a command.
mail Send and receive mail.
nice Reduce a job's priority.
nohup Preserve a running job after logging out.
nslookup Get DNS information for a specified host.
script Produce a transcript of your login session.
set Read and write shell variables.
smbclient Connect to Windows shares or Samba.
smbadduser Map Linux user names to Windows user names.
smbpasswd Assign samba passwords to SMB users.
su Switch user or become root user.
timeconfig Set the timezone of your server.
traceroute Track the path a packet takes to a host.
whois Queries the whois database for DNS information.
cancel Cancel a printer request.
lp Send to the printer.
lpstat Get printer status.
pr Format and paginate for printing.

cb C source code beautifier.
cflow C function flowchart.
ctags C function references for vi.
ctrace C debugger using function call tracing.
cxref C cross-references.
gcc Compile C, Assembler, and Preprocessed C source.
lint C program analyzer.
ld Loader.
lex Lexical analyzer generator.
make Determine automatically which pieces of a large program need to be recompiled.
od Dump input in various formats.
strip Remove data from an object file.
truss Trace signals and system calls.
yacc Parser generator. Can be used with lex.
egrep Extended version of grep.
fgrep Search files for literal words.
find Search the system for file names.
grep Search files for text patterns.
strings Search binary files for text patterns.
Shell Programming
alias Set aliases and view the current aliases of commands.
echo Display a line of text.
expr Perform arithmetic and comparisons.
line Read a line of input.
printf Format and print command-line arguments.
sleep Pause during processing.
test Test a condition.
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